Netflix Party allows you to watch the same video content with your friends on different devices. Sometimes, it also fails to work as expected and even stops working. If you are also struggling with Netflix Party not working, this guide on MiniTool Website will provide you with satisfying solutions.

Why Is Netflix Party Not Working?

Netflix Party (also known as Teleparty) allows you to stream Netflix shows with your friends. Like any other application or extension, it may fail to work as you expected and you can encounter issues like Netflix Party not working, not opening, links not being generated and more. Most of you can solve this issue with the easy tips below:

  • Relaunch your browser.
  • Reconnect to your Netflix account.
  • Check if the content is available in your region.
  • Disable the Do Not Track.
  • Go to Downdetector to check the server status.

If Netflix Party/Teleparty not working is still there after trying all the above tips, you can manage to solve it with the 5 proven methods mentioned in the following content.

How to Fix Netflix Party Not Working? 

Fix 1: Use a Compatible Browser and Device

Netflix Party is compatible with computers and Android devices and the extension is available on some browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera. If you are using an unsupported browser and device, no wonder that you will encounter Netflix Party link not working. If it is the case, you must switch a browser or device.

Fix 2: Check the Internet Connection

To enjoy watching videos smoothly, make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong. Perform a power cycle to your router and modem to check if Teleparty not working is gone.

Fix 3: Clear Browsing Data

Although the cached data can improve the efficiency and speed of your browser, it may consume lots of storage on the device hence resulting in issues like Netflix Party not working. Here, we take clearing the cache on Google Chrome as an example.

Step 1. Launch your browser and click on the three-dot icon on the top right corner of the home page.

Step 2. In the drop-down menu, choose More tools > Clear browsing data.

Step 3. Select the time range and hit Clear data.

hit Clear data


If you want to clear cache on other browsers, see this guide - How to Clear Cache for One Site Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Extension

One of the best ways to fix Netflix Party not working is to reinstall the extension on your browser. Here’s how to do it:

On Google Chrome:

Step 1. Launch your browser and click on the three-dot icon to highlight Settings.

Step 2. Under the Extensions page, find Teleparty/Netflix Party and hit Remove.

Step 3. Go to Chromewebstore and find Teleparty/Netflix Party > hit it > hit Add to Chrome.

Also see: How to Remove Extensions from Chrome and Other Popular Browsers.

Fix 5: Update Browser

If Netflix Party not working still appears after reinstalling the extension, there might be some bugs and glitches in your browser. You can go to Settings and check if an update is available. If yes, tap on the Update button and relaunch the browser after finishing the updating process.

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