Some users perform a virus scan for their system and it reports a virus listed as BGAUpsell.exe. What is BGAUpsell.exe and where to find it? This post on the MiniTool Website will show some ways and guide you to identify if it is a virus. Furthermore, a guide to removing BGAUpsell will be shown here.

What Is BGAUpsell.exe & Is It a Virus?

Some users scan out a virus named BGAUpsell.exe via their security software and the notification keeps popping up to warn you of the risk. However, they have no idea of where to find it and remove BGAUpsell. It’s awful to leave this time bomb on your computer.

What is BGAUpsell? This is the prior question you should figure out. You cannot find it in your installed apps because BGAUpsell is a bundled service with some programs.

According to what we have solicited, BGAUpsell.exe often appears as tied to Microsoft’s Bing search engine promotion, which can create prompts to attract Chrome users to switch their default search engine to Bing.

Since this service has some aggressive and intuitive tactics and promotion methods, some security software will regard it as malicious or a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

So, is BGAUpsell a virus? Usually, NO, but we can’t exclude some possibilities that the virus infiltrates with a disguise of BGAUpsell.exe. If you want to identify the signs, you can read this post: Windows 11 Virus & Malware: Examples/Detection/Removal/Prevention.

We find some security software lists the BGAUpsell.exe virus as a Trojan Horse, aimed to steal your information, damage your data, cause significant harm to your computer system, etc.

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Should You Remove BGAUpsell?

Since BGAUpsell.exe, usually, won’t bring any severe danger to you unless it is a Trojan Horse, removing it is not essential for most users. You need to carefully identify if BGAUpsell is a Trojan Horse and then decide whether to remove it or not. These two posts may be helpful:

How to Remove BGAUpsell?

If BGAUpsell.exe indeed annoys you a lot, you can try these steps:

Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon and choose Task Manager from the menu.

Step 2: Locate BGAUpsell.exe in the Processes tab and right-click on it to choose Open file location. Then you can click End task to end the process.

Step 3: Please delete the file from your Windows\Temp\MUBSTemp folder and erase it from your Recycle bin.

If you are a tech-savvy user, you can tweak the Windows Registry to prevent BGAUpsell.exe from running at startup. However, it is not recommended because any mistaken deletion or changes in the Windows Registry will cause some unrecoverable results. If you can’t make sure which one should get deleted, please don’t start it.

Alternatively, you can resort to your third-party antivirus software to add BGAUpsell to its quarantine in case of presumptuous running. Windows Firewall also allows you to do that, you may try that by referring to this post: How to Block a Program with Windows Firewall.

Some users suspect that BGAUpsell was downloaded when the cumulative Windows updates were installed. Therefore, these steps can’t make sure the BGAUpsell.exe won’t come back when the next updates start.

Bottom Line:

Now, after reading this post, you may have understood what the BGAUpsell.exe is and how to remove BGAUpsell. Hope this post can be useful for you.

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