Microsoft announced some big changes in Windows 11 – its newest operating system. In fact, there are many new features and improvements in the new system. Because of this, Windows 11 users are able to do some things that other Windows systems users can’t do. What are they? Please take a look at them in the following content.

Since Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, there has been a lot of buzz around the new system. Windows 11 new design, new features, and improvements attract enough attention of the public. Though the basic functions of Windows 11 remain the same, it brings many new changes and experiences to users. Therefore, Windows 11 users are empowered to do some things that other Windows users (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.) cannot. What are the things you can do in Windows 11? We’ll discuss it later on this page.

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Big Changes in Windows 11

Microsoft only focused on 3 big changes when it revealed Windows 11:

  • The greatly revamped Microsoft Store
  • DirectStorage: the Xbox tech that improves game performance using fast SSDs
  • Auto HDR: the Xbox tech that offers better game experience

DirectStorage was initially designed to be a Windows 11 exclusive. Then, Microsoft adds its support for Windows 10. However, the game developers need to implement the DirectStorage API before DirectStorage can finally optimize the gaming experience. Besides, the auto HDR is only helpful for users who have an HDR monitor.

Windows Store Error Code 0x803F8001: Solved Properly
Windows Store Error Code 0x803F8001: Solved Properly

You may fail sometimes when trying to install or update an application and receive error code 0x803F8001 in Windows Store.

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Main New features in Windows 11

  • Windows Security app
  • Security baselines
  • Integrated Android apps
  • Windows Terminal app
  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus
  • Windows Hello for Business
  • Power Automate for desktop
  • Snap Layouts, Snap Groups
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Better virtual desktop support
What’s Changed Most In Microsoft Windows 11 - The New System
What’s Changed Most In Microsoft Windows 11 - The New System

There are many new features that will be added to Windows 11, the next generation of Windows operating system going to be released by Microsoft.

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6 Amazing Things You Can Only Do in Windows 11

As a Windows 11 user, you can do the following things easily all thanks to the new system. Here’s a list of what you can't do before Windows 11.

Get Easy Access to the Built-in Snap Layouts

One of the most important things you can do in Windows 11 is using the snap layouts more easily. By just hovering your cursor over the maximize/minimize button of an opening window or pressing Windows + Z in Windows 11, you can see the predefined snap layouts available for you.

While in Windows 10, you should drag opening windows to the side or the corner of your screen to snap them in place and then arrange your apps.

Snap layouts

Open Files Using Start Menu

The Start menu in Windows 11 is changed a lot, including being a hub for your files, browsing histories, and application shortcuts. The redesigned Start menu now allows you to open files quickly and directly. How to configure the feature? Please go to Personalization and Start from Windows Settings.

How To Add Or Remove Folders On Windows 11 Start Menu
How To Add Or Remove Folders On Windows 11 Start Menu

If you want to add or remove folders on Windows 11 Start menu but don’t know how, please read this page to find answer.

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Run Android Apps

Microsoft makes it possible for Windows 11 users to run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. The Android apps can be run as other standard Windows apps: users are allowed to snap Android apps to the edges of the screen and pin them to the centered taskbar.

Can't Move Taskbar On Windows 11? Here’s How To Fix It
Can't Move Taskbar On Windows 11? Here’s How To Fix It

You may disappointedly find that Windows 11 can't move taskbar as you expect, but there are indeed solutions to troubleshoot.

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Know More Stats about Battery Usage

The power & battery feature in Windows 11 shows you how the battery is draining in detail. Please open Settings -> select System -> click Power & battery -> select Battery usage for even more stats. Microsoft makes Windows 11 a good choice for tablets and 2-in-1 devices.

3 Ways To Check The Battery Health Of A Dell Laptop
3 Ways To Check The Battery Health Of A Dell Laptop

Battery test is an important task in the routine maintenance of the notebook. This page shows you how to do Dell battery test in different ways.

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Connect to Microsoft Teams within A Few Clicks

Microsoft Teams is integrated into Windows 11 on the taskbar. It’s an easy work to connect to Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 even if you haven’t used it before. Please click Get started and follow the on-screen instructions to connect easily with other people; only a few clicks are needed.

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is Better For You
Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is Better For You

This page will mainly talk about Microsoft Teams vs Slack. After reading, you’ll know which one is more suitable for your situation.

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Access & Manage Widgets from Taskbar

Widgets are available in Windows 10 in a pop-up window next to the notification area. However, in Windows 11, Microsoft added an icon for widgets on the taskbar. By clicking on the certain icon on taskbar, you can get direct access to news, weather, upcoming calendar appointments, and more things. Besides, you only need to click Add widgets to decide which widgets to appear on your screen and which don’t.

There are more other things you can do in Windows 11 in addition to the popular ones mentioned above.

How Do You Get Windows 11 Style Taskbar In Windows 10?

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