TikTok offers a TikTok Analytics tool for Pro account users. This tool tracks TikTok video performance stats. You can check your TikTok analytics data and use it for better marketing strategies. Check how to access TikTok Analytics tool and check your TikTok stats in this post. MiniTool Software also provides many other computer tutorials, you can visit its official website.

What Is TikTok Analytics?

TikTok has a built-in Analytics tool for Pro accounts. You can use TikTok Analytics tool to check your video stats like the detailed information of followers, views, and engagement, etc. This can help you create a better marketing strategy for video content like choosing the best time to post on TikTok, etc.

Check how to access TikTok Analytics to check your TikTok stats and how to use it to improve your TikTok video performance. Some third-party free TikTok Analytics tools are also listed for your reference if you want one.

Switch to Pro Account to Get TikTok Analytics

To access TikTok Analytics, you need to have a TikTok Pro account. A regular TikTok account doesn’t have the Analytics feature, and this might also explain the TikTok Analytics not showing issue. Learn how to get a TikTok Pro account and open TikTok Analytics tool below.

  1. Launch TikTok app on your device. Log into your account.
  2. Tap Me icon at the bottom-right corner to access your profile page.
  3. Click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of the profile screen, and select Manage my account.
  4. Tap Switch to Pro Account.
  5. Choose a category for your account. Enter your phone number and enter the code to sign up for the TikTok Pro account.
  6. After you switch to the Pro account, go back to the Privacy and settings screen and you’ll see a TikTok Analytics Tap Analytics and you can access your TikTok Analytics dashboard.
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How to Check Your TikTok Analytics Stats

On TikTok Analytics dashboard, you can see three main categories: Overview, Content, and Follower. You can tap the tabs to discover deeper information.

If you tap Overview tab, you can see your TikTok account’s total video views, followers, and profile views. You can check the data of the last 7 days or 28 days. You can see the data for each day in the chart.

You can tap Follower tab to check the detailed information of your followers. You can view the gender and location of your followers.

The Content tab in TikTok Analytics offers more insights. Under Video Posts, you can see the total views of each video post in the last 7 days. The videos are displayed from newest to oldest. Under Trending Videos, it displays which of your videos are currently trending on the For You page in the last 7 days. It also shows the total number of views those videos gain in that period.

You can tap one video post and view the detailed analytics of that post, for instance, the total views, likes, comments, shares, the play time of the video, average watch time, traffic source types, audience territories, etc. If you find some video posts perform better in some territories, you can continue to create more similar content.

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Top TikTok Analytics Tools to View Your TikTok Stats

There are some other third-party TikTok Analytics tools in the market and they can track your TikTok video performance, measure your TikTok followers, and give in-depth analytics data for your TikTok account.

Top tools for analyzing TikTok account data include Pentos, TrendTok, Analisa, Popsters, Quintly, Exolyt, Socialinsider, TikRank, etc. Aside from the built-in TikTok Pro Account, you can also choose one preferred tool to check your TikTok account analytics data.

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