Though the official announcement of Windows 11 (the next generation of Microsoft Windows operating system) is not released, there are a large number of users can’t wait to use the new operating system (OS). Is that possible? Certainly yes, they can either use the Windows 11 Insider Preview (the Beta version) or try Windows 11 online.

Can I Try Windows 11 Now

Microsoft has confirmed that it will release Windows 11 as the successor to Windows 10 (which is released in 2015) in the “what’s next for Windows event” (Microsoft Windows 11 Livestream Eevent) on June 24, 2021. It told us to expect the official release of the full version of Windows 11 later this year.

However, lots of people just can’t wait to experience the improvements and new features of Windows 11. Is that possible? Can they try Windows 11 now? Yes, they can either install the Windows 11 Insider Preview build (the Beta version) or try Windows 11 online. Here, I’ll focus on the latter approach.

Should I use Windows 11 Insider Preview (or Beta) or try Windows 11 online? That depends on your demands. Besides, you can install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation or install Windows 11 on VirtualBox if you like.

Please read this page carefully if you want to know how to download & safely install the Windows 11 Insider Preview build.

Tip: You’re advised to make a backup of your system, disk, or important data no matter how you choose to experience Windows 11. In this way, you can easily recover from unexpected data loss cases. Besides, MiniTool provides you with a powerful data recovery tool for Windows.

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Try Windows 11 without Installing It on Your Computer

Should I try Windows 11? If you really want to try Windows 11, you don’t necessarily need to install the Windows 11 Insider Preview build on your computer. The good news is that anyone can actually try out the upcoming operating system without even installing it on the computer or other devices. This is good for users who can’t upgrade to Windows 11 for some reasons.

Blueedgetechno, a user of GitHub has created a web page to emulate Windows 11 (Microsoft’s upcoming OS) in an accurate way. In order to achieve this feat, he used many modern web technologies, for instance, React, CSS (SCSS), and JavaScript.

How to Try Windows 11 Online

Blueedgetechno makes it a super easy thing to try out Windows 11; all you need to do is heading on over to the dedicated web page.

  1. Open a browser on your computer, like you usually do.
  2. Copy & paste this URL to the address bar: You can also type the URL manually.
  3. Then, press Enter to access the certain web page.
  4. The emulated Windows 11 desktop will show up in your browser.

Windows 11 online

According to users’ feedback, this emulated Windows 11 webpage is also available accessible for mobile phone users via browser. But you need know that problems may occur while you’re using Windows 11 online. It could cause your mobile devices to crash and restart.

What You Can & Can’t Do in Windows 11 Online

Windows 11 has brought various new features to users. If you try out Windows 11 online in a browser, instead of installing it on PC, you’ll find some of the features unavailable.

What’s Changed Most In Microsoft Windows 11 - The New System
What’s Changed Most In Microsoft Windows 11 - The New System

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You can perform the following actions:

  • Your actions to use the Start menu, search option, and widgets are acceptable.
  • You get full access to the calendar and navigation bar.
  • The browser, calculator, store, and even terminal are available for you to use.
  • You can use Notepad, Vscode, and digital board like on PC.
  • All the desktop features and right-click context menu are accessible.
  • There’s an option for you to bind windows and a new interface for binding by templates.

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You can’t do these things:

  • You are not allowed to resize or drag the windows.
  • You also can’t load or block the windows.
  • Explorer and many other apps are not available for you.
  • You have no right to change the background picture.

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