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Recover photo from formatted SD card

The causes which make us format a SD card are various. And the most common factor is that the SD card is corrupted, which is too old. Alternatively, it is crashed as a result of improper operation, such as strongly pulling out off computer in the process of data transferring. At the same time, virus affection also results in SD card damage. When SD card is corrupted or inaccessible, mostly we would like to format it to be able to use it again. But this action will delete the files on the SD card simultaneously. By the way, is there any way availably to recover photo from formatted SD card?

Generally, we think photos are permanently removed from the SD card after a format command is carried out. However, the truth is that formatting a SD card just erases the address table, and the original data are still on the device. The deleted photos are just invisible on the card. Namely, if we can figure out a workable method, it is quite possible to get the lost photos back.

To recover photo from formatted SD card can be realized in several ways, but the most popular one is to download a piece of photo recovery software to recover lost photos. From uncountable photo recovery programs, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very outstanding with its excellent performance and easy-to-access operating interface.

Recover photo from formatted SD card

There are 5 modules built in the recovery software and we are supposed to choose module “Damage Partition Recovery” according to the specific situation. If users do not know what each module is used for, we can move the mouse to each module to get the exact information about the modules. After we have chosen the appropriate module, the next operating steps will mainly go like this:

Step 1, select target partition and click “Full Scan”.

Step 2, select the desired partition and click “Show Files”.

Step 3, check and save files.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides all-in-one features, which will greatly helps users recover photo from formatted SD card in Windows. Besides SD card, the photo recovery software is able to recover lost photos from HDDs, USB flash drives and other storage devices.