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Photo recovery free software

Many users mistakenly think photo recovery free software is specially developed to recover lost photos on computer and almost does not work to photo recovery on USB flash disk. As a matter of fact, with the development and advancement of photo recovery software technology, powerful photo recovery free software which can help recover lost photos from computer as well as other storage devices has appeared.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to download such a piece of software since most users feel strange to photo recovery software. If they download at random, they may download the software which has defects. By using photo recovery free software which has defects, users are very likely to suffer from photo recovery failure or even permanent photo loss. Therefore, we suggest downloading MiniTool Photo Recovery from professional downloading website to recover lost photos on USB flash disk.

Some users may want to know reasons for recommending MiniTool Photo Recovery only since there is a lot of photo recovery free software on the internet. Reasons are as follows. Firstly, it supports photo recovery on USB flash disk, mobile phone, hard disk, memory card, and other storage devices. Secondly, it supports recovering different kinds of digital media files such as photos, videos, and audios. Thirdly, it provides users with the powerful function "Setting" which is able to appoint files with specific types to scan, thus helping users find desired files more quickly and accurately. In order to make users get to know excellent performance of this photo recovery free software more intuitively, we will show users how to recover lost photos on USB flash disk with MiniTool Photo Recovery.

Recover Lost Photos on USB Flash Disk by Using MiniTool Photo Recovery

First of all, download and install MiniTool Photo Recovery to computer. Then, launch the software to open its main interface and take steps shown below:


Click "Start" button to start photo recovery on USB flash disk.


To recover lost photos only, users can click "Setting" button to appoint files with specific types to scan.


Here, multiple file types are provided for users, and they need to choose desired file types and click "OK" button to go on operating.


In this interface, all storage devices are displayed by this photo recovery free software, and users need to select the target USB flash disk and click "Scan" button in the lower right corner to scan it. After scan, the following interface will appear:


In the interface above, please check photos which need recovering and click "Save" button to set save path.


Click "Browse…" button to appoint a safe place to save recovered photos and click "OK" to confirm operations.

After these steps, photo recovery free software helps recover lost photos on USB flash disk successfully. If users want to get more information about photo recovery or digital media file recovery, please browse corresponding pages on this website.