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Two Ways to Recover Specified Photos in MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Photo Recovery is a piece of photo recovery software that is designed to recover lost and deleted photos, videos, and audios from different kinds of storage devices. No matter which data loss situation users are facing, they can use this software to get their needed data back as long as these files are not overwritten by new data.

This software is very easy-to-use. Users just need to open the software, select the drive they want to rescue data from to scan, and then choose their needed files to recover.

Indeed, there are two ways to recover the needed photos in the last step. In the following content, we will show users these two ways in detail.

Two Ways to Recover Specified Photos with MiniTool Photo Recovery

Way 1: Recover Selected Photos Meantime

1. After finding and checking the needed files on the scan result interface, users need to press the "Save" button to continue.

2. Users will see a small popup window as follows. Then, press the "Browse" button to continue.

press Browse

3. Another bigger window will pop out. Then, users need to choose a suitable path to save these selected photos. After choosing the destination location, users need to click on the "Select Folder" button to quit this window.

Note: In this step, users need to choose another path rather the original location that has saved the deleted photos to save these files. Otherwise, the deleted files on that drive might be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

press Select Folder

4. When going back to the "Save Files" window, users need to press the OK button to save these selected photos.

press OK

5. After the above 4 steps, users will see another small window that shows a message saying "OK! The selected files have been saved to (the specified path)". Here, users can just press the path that is shown on the window to view and use the recovered photos directly. Or they can also access their specified path to view the recovery results later.

press specified location

Users can use this way to restore their needed photos simultaneously. However, if they want to retrieve their desired photos one by one, they can try the other way which will be introduced in the next section.

Way 2: Recover Needed Photos One by One

It is true that users will find their needed photos one by one on the scan result interface. Some users prefer to recover the current photo they find immediately. In this situation, users can follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the photo which is needed to be restored.

2. Choose the first option "Save this file" from the popup menu.

press Save this file

3. Users still need to choose a suitable path to save the selected photo and these steps have been introduced in the above way. We will not repeat them here.

Now, users obtain two ways to recover specified photos from scan results with MiniTool Photo Recovery. They can select a proper way according to their actual situation in practice.