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Recover deleted pictures on Mac

We usually delete some unimportant or useless files periodically and this action really helps us to better manage the computer. But in the process of deleting trashy files, suddenly we realize that some precious pictures have been deleted along with other files. What's worse, the Recycle Bin is also emptied. Can we figure out any workable method to recover deleted pictures on Mac?

The answer is “Yes”. When a picture is deleted, it is not erased but is 'forgotten'. However, if we keep using the computer, chances are that the deleted pictures will be overwritten and lost forever. So the first thing after suffering picture loss is to stop any operation on the target partition.

Usually we have two ways to recover lost pictures, and besides turning to a file recovery company for help, the most commonly used way is to apply a picture recovery program. Picture recovery software looks for pictures which have not been wiped by new files and tries to save them for us. That's why we must avoid operating the computer until we start to run the picture recovery software.

But it is not an easy job to find out a really workable recovery program because a qualified one should own impressive recovery functions and easy-to-use interface. In this article, we will prefer to recommend MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, which will greatly to helps picture losers recover deleted pictures from Mac partition.

Recover Deleted Pictures on Mac

1.Launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Recover deleted pictures on Mac

2.Select functional module “Undelete Recovery”.

Recover deleted pictures on Mac Step 1

3. Select the partition where we store the pictures and click “Recover”.

Recover deleted pictures on Mac Step 2

4. Check needed pictures and click “Save Files”.

Recover deleted pictures on Mac Step 3

5. Click “Browse…” to specify a new location for the recovered pictures.

With MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we are able to recover deleted pictures on Mac with ease. And the friendly interface also contributes to rapidly mastering the skill of operate the picture recovery program to recover lost pictures.