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Photo recovery Mac utility

Mistaken operation emerges everywhere, and the following is a representative case:

Hello, I am now desperate. Just a couple of hours ago, I made a wrong operation and delete those precious photos transferred from the camera to my Mac machine. Now they are totally gone. I do not have backup (Time Machine). And I have tried 2 programs and both need me to pay about 100 bucks. Can anyone recommend a free photo recovery Mac utility?

Deleting photos accidentally seems to be so hard to avoid, and the first thing is to find out a piece of excellent photo recovery software to do photo recovery when we unluckily lose precious photos. It is known to all of us that photo recovery is the process of recovering lost, deleted photos from various storage devices such as memory cards, USB flash drives, and hard drives. Typically, one should use a photo recovery Mac utility to restore photos if owning a Mac because performing photo recovery with software is more workable and economical.

Download Outstanding Photo Recovery Mac Utility

Now that resorting to photo recovery software is the best solution for photo recovery, where can we get an excellent photo recovery program? Here we will share MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, which is a Mac utility and can run well in Mac OS X 10.5 and above. Users can visit the downloading center to download and install it on computer, and utilize it to recover lost photos.

Operating steps

1.Launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and we will see the main interface soon.

Photo recovery Mac utility

2. Select module “Undelete Recovery” to enter the next interface.

Photo recovery Mac utility Step 1

3. Select the partition where photo loss takes place and click “Recover” to fully scan the partition.

Photo recovery Mac utility Step 2

4. Check needed photos and click “Save Files”.

Photo recovery Mac utility Step 3

6. Save selected photos to a specified place with the prompts (Note: do not store the recovered photos on the original partition).

This photo recovery Mac utility is very formidable to recover lost photos from different storage devices. Furthermore, others files such as videos and office files are still able to be retrieved by this photo recovery software.