This article written on MiniTool official web verifies the “Discord shutting down” message is fake with 6 proofs. It also analyzes the reason and the way the fake message appears. Hope that it won’t appear such a kind of rumor in the future!

this is a message from the discord creator and I’m going to tell you a little bit about what will happen on discord on July 23rd. Please do not send this back to the person you received it from. Dear discord members, discord is supposed to close on Nov 7, 2020, because it has become too populated. There have been many members complaining that discord has become very slow. There are many active members of discord, but also many new members. We will send this message to see if the members are active or not. If you are active, please copy and paste this to 15 other users to show that you are still active. Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to make more space. Send this message to all your friends to show that you are still active and that you will not be deleted.From Discord Community

In early 2020, one of the Discord users post the above message in the Discord support community to ask whether it is true or not? As the message mentioned that Discord was going to shut down on November 7th, 2020. Of course, you know it is fake for now it has far past the referred date and Discord is still working for you.

Yet, there are still other similar messages saying that discord is shutting down in 2021 or 2022. Is that real?

Discord Shutting Down 2020

The reasons that I think that kind of message is a rumor are of below:

First of all, discord is an authoritative communication tool for gamers. It is stable and has no big accident happened to it. In such a situation, if Discord is shutting down, then I can say Facebook is shutting down, Google Chrome is shutting down, Microsoft is shutting down… Do you believe it?

Secondly, the reason for the so-called “Discord shutting down” is that Discord is so populated and its server is overloaded. Discord users are suffering from slow services and Discord has to remove some inactive user accounts to keep going on. How ridiculous the reason is! Such big a company as Discord is, can’t it provide as much server space as needed by its users, even though the number of its users is big?

Besides, though once in a while Discord might encounter the problem that its server cannot satisfy its users, it will surely expand its server storage as soon as possible. So, it’s impossible for Discord to refuse its users instead of improving its servers since more users represent more profits.

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Thirdly, even if it is true that Discord is going to abandon inactive users, why we have to prove that we are active by sending such a message to every friend instead of just pick one friend and chat something with him? Also, we have verified our accounts not long after we create our accounts.

It seems that one of the purposes of the message is to keep itself spreading to inform more people, just like a virus needs a way to spread besides attacking every computer it reaches. The message also sets a number of resending as at least 15 and the deadline as within 2 weeks after receiving this message to push receivers to forward the message.

Fourthly, at the beginning of the message, it said that the news is from a Discord creator to show its “official” but without indicating who exactly the person is. If the message is true, why it hides the name of the creator unless it is not true.

Moreover, if this is true, why there is no official announcement on Discord’s official website, such as its official Twitter account, instead of a random DM? If Discord is going to be closed, it will let everyone know by easily and directly sending a notification to each of its users instead of choosing this hard way to let users inform each other. Actually, this way won’t reach all Discord users for someone will choose not to send this stupid copy pasta to their contacts.

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Fifthly, the inconsistent of the dates make us doubt the truth of the message. In the first sentence of the message, it said that something will happen on July, 23. Yet, in the third sentence, it stated that Discord would close on Nov 7, 2020. And, until now, no matter which date the author really meant, it turns out that the message is fake for the mentioned event didn’t happen.

Finally, within the message, it also mentions not to send it back to the person you received it from. In this way, on the one hand, it avoids a single user to receive the same message twice theoretically, thus maximizing its influence. On the other hand, the maker of the fake message didn’t want to receive the message himself.

Actually, as early as 2018, there was already such a rumor that said Discord was going to shut down. The reality is after several years, discord is still working and gets increasing popularity.

Discord Shutting Down News

In general, Discord is not to be shut down! Yet, it has partially shut down its servers or services instead of the whole one.

  • In October 2019, Discord shut down its Nitro games for lacking of players.
  • On June 26, 2020, Discord shut down its biggest “Boogaloo” server for inciting violence.
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Will Discord Going to Shut Down in the Future?

I’m not sure. However, from the market situation of Discord, I am sure that in a long period from now on, Discord won’t shut down. On the contrary, Discord tends to be more popular as time goes on. In 2016, there are only 10 million active users while it became 100 million in 2020. So, there is no reason for Discord to shut itself down and refuse the incoming money.

Also, there hasn’t been any official notification from the Discord team or developers giving any hint that they are going to close Discord at any point.

How Does This Event Happen?

Now, we can confirm that the message saying that Discord is shutting down is fake. Then, how does the tattle come from? It started that many people receive the message in their Discord accounts from random users. Then, some people forwarded the message as the message requires them to. As time goes by, more and more Discord users receive the message.

And, some people started to post the message online in different forums and communities like Discord community, Reddit, and Quora to verify the truth of the message. Finally, it becomes a hot topic until now.

Of course, many smart users recognized that the message is fake immediately after receiving it and stop spreading it as well as continue to convince others. With more and more people know the truth, they will stop spreading the message. finally, the rumor will stop.

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Why Does This Fake Message Appear?

Is this a way really adopted by Discord to active inactive users? I don’t think so. Since Discord has so many active users that it has no need to spend time on such kind of thing. Also, such action will disappoint its users. Besides, most Discord users are active. As a game lover, can you stop for 3 days not chatting with your game friends?

Is this a method taken by Discord competitors to steal users from Discord? I don’t think so either. Discord alternatives, such as Teamspeak, Mumble, and Overtone, have their own advantages to attract users. They don’t have to take this stupid way.


All in all, Discord isn’t shutting down any time in the near future! That message is made up by someone for some purpose. maybe it’s a clickbait or scam. Maybe it’s just a joke or prank and became a copypasta out of the blue.

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