Netflix error code M7361-1253 can stop you from playing videos using Netflix successfully. When you are bothered by this issue, do you know what you can do to get rid of this error code: M7361-1253? To help you effectively solve this issue, MiniTool Software collects some effective solutions and shows them in this post.

When you use Netflix to watch videos, you may encounter different kinds of issues. For example, you may receive the Netflix error code: M7361-1253 as follows.

Whoops, something went wrong…

Unexpected Error

There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again.

Error Code: M7361-1253

This error M7361-1253 will stop you from using Netflix successfully. Thus, you need to fix Netflix error code M7361-1253 to make everything go back to normal.

We have collected some effective solutions to solving this issue and we will introduce them in the following content.

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

If you encounter some issues when using the computer, most of you will choose to reboot the computer to solve the issues.

We also suggest doing this to fix error code: M7361-1253 because rebooting a computer always fixes problems especially some temporary problems.

However, if this method doesn’t work, you can try the next solution.

Solution 2: Check Your Web Browser

At times, Netflix error code M7361-1253 is caused by the issues in your web browser. To rule out this possibility, you can go to fix your web browser by doing these things:

  1. Clearing caches and cookies for your web browser.
  2. Restarting your web browser.
  3. Using another web browser.

Solution 3: Check Your Network Supports Streaming

If the above two solutions don’t work for you, you need to consider the network problems. That is, you need to check whether the network supports streaming.

You can fix Netflix error code M7361-1253 by doing this:

  1. There is usually a limited bandwidth in a work or school network. If your computer is on a work or school network, you need to contact the network operator or administrator to check whether Netflix is blocked from access.
  2. The cellular data and satellite internet have slower connections and streaming speeds. If you encounter Netflix error code: M7361-1253 when you are using cellular data or satellite internet, you can turn to cable internet or Digital subscriber line (DSL) and then check whether the M7361-1253 error code disappears.

Solution 4: Check Your Antivirus Software

If you find the Netflix error M7361-1253 still persists, you should consider that whether your antivirus software is conflicted with Netflix web player and causing Netflix error code: M7361-1253.

You can do these things to check whether the antivirus software is the exact reason:

  1. Disable your antivirus software on your computer to stop it from running.
  2. Open Netflix on your computer and then play videos with it to check whether the issue is solved. If Netflix can play well this time, it means that your antivirus software is the exact reason for this issue.
  3. An outdated antivirus program can cause this Netflix error code M7361-1253. You can update the antivirus software to get rid of this problem. However, if this can’t solve this issue, you can contact the producer of your antivirus software to see whether there are similar issues. After receiving your feedback, the antivirus software manufacturer will go to solve the issue. You can wait until the issue is fixed.

After using these four solutions, Netflix error code M7361-1253 should disappear and you can use Netflix to watch videos again.

Bottom Line

The four solutions mentioned in this post can help you solve Netflix error code M7361-1253. However, you may encounter some other Netflix issues like Netflix Site Error and Netflix M7111-1931-404, you can also visit the MiniTool website to search for solutions.

Should you have any related issues, you can let us know in the comment.

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