What is Samsung SideSync? Does Samsung still support SideSync? What replaces Samsung SideSync? How to transfer files if SideSync is not working? Go to read this post on the MiniTool website and you can find details about this tool.

What Is Samsung SideSync?

If you are a Samsung user, you may have heard of SideSync. Samsung SideSync is a powerful tool that enables you to easily share screens, windows, and data between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone or between a PC and a Galaxy smartphone.

With SideSync, you can use your phone’s features on your computer after receiving alarms of your phone through the PC. Besides, you can easily make phone calls and send text messages on your computer after the PC and mobile device are connected with SideSync.

Samsung SideSync supports file sharing. To be specific, it is allowed to quickly share files and texts via drag and drop between your phone and PC. Even, you can insert a picture of your phone into a Word document on the PC and insert a file on your PC to your phone while sending email or text messages.

Samsung SideSync can be used on a Windows PC and Mac. To use this tool to share files between your PC and phone, you need to make sure both devices have installed this app. Then, use a USB data cable or Wi-Fi to connect two devices.

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Samsung SideSync Download for Windows/Android

Samsung SideSync is an old tool and currently, you cannot officially download this app. According to Samsung, SideSync isn’t existing on the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. Besides, you cannot download it for Windows/macOS from the Samsung website.

Of course, when searching for “Samsung SideSync download” in Google Chrome, you can find some third-party web pages that give download links and you can get this tool via one link. But, we don’t recommend this.

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What Replaces Samsung SideSync?

Although Samsung has canceled the support of SideSync, it gives a replacement – Samsung Flow. You can use this app to share your data between a PC and a Samsung device, view notifications of your phone on a PC, and mirror the phone’s screen to a computer.

To know how to download Samsung Flow and how to use Samsung Flow, you can refer to our related post - What’s Samsung Flow? How to Download & Use for File Transfer.

Other Samsung SideSync Alternatives

In addition to Samsung Flow, there are some other Samsung SideSync replacements.


Vysor can display any Android phone screen on a web browser. You need to download and install this app on your Samsung device, add Vysor to Chrome, and run it on your phone and PC. Then, use a USB cable to connect these two devices. The paid services like wireless connection, full screen mirroring, file dragging and dropping are supported.


This is another app to replace Samsung SideSync. You need to connect your Samsung phone to a computer using a lightning cable or Wi-Fi and display the smartphone screen via a web browser. Also, you can use the desktop edition, register an account of Mobizen and log in on your PC to establish the connection between the phone and computer.

In addition, AirDroid, AirMore, KDE Connect, etc. can also be used to replace Samsung SideSync to share files between your PC and phone.

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Final Words

That’s the basic information about Samsung SideSync. It has been given up by Samsung and Samsung Flow is a good alternative. Just get a proper one if you need it for data transfer.

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