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Recover Lost Photos from Formatted SD Card in Few Steps

Accidentally formatted your SD card in Android phone, camera, or other portable device? Or didn't realize there are useful photos saved until the SD card is formatted? If yes, you would be interested in the topic: how to recover photos from formatted SD card.

Recover Lost Photos from Formatted SD Card in 3 Steps

Step 1: Download Photo Recovery Software
To recover your formatted SD card, you'll need to download a photo recovery software, and the freeware MiniTool Photo Recovery is recommended. However, this program offers both Mac version and Windows version, so please download the correct one. And then install it to your computer by following instructions.

Step 2: Scan SD Card
Please start the program to get its main interface below:

Then, please connect the SD card to your Windows computer or Mac computer. In our demonstration, we connect SD card to a Macbook via a card reader. And next click "Start" button to start SD card photo recovery.

Here, please select the target SD card and click "Scan" to start scanning the SD card.

Step 3: Save Recovered Photos
Once the scan is completed, MiniTool Photo Recovery will show us all files it found.

Now, please check photos you want to recover and click "Save" button.

Tip: if you fail to find some of previous photos, it is largely because these photos have been overwritten by new files. In this case, MiniTool Photo Recovery couldn't help you.

At last, click "Browse" to choose a save path for recovered photos.

Now, SD card photo recovery is completed. If you are also going to recover lost photos from formatted SD card in Android phone or other portable devices, now try using MiniTool Photo Recovery to do it. In addition, this program is able to recover deleted photos as well as retrieve photos from inaccessible devices. When having such needs, just have a try.

At last, we give some tips on increasing photo recovery rate.

2 Tips on Increasing Photo Recovery Rate

1. Don't write any data to the SD card, for it could overwrite lost photos.
2. Don't save recovered photos to the SD card, for it could overwrite lost photos, too. Instead, save them to other storage devices.

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