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Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card Android with MiniTool

For ordinary users, it is a convenient way to use a mobile phone to take photos in their daily life and work. They just need to take out the phone, open the camera, and press the Camera button to record the moment they want to keep.

For Android phone users, there is always a memory card that is used to increase the internal storage space of Android. Thus, many valuable photos are saved on the memory card on Android.

However, the photos on the memory card in mobile may get lost or deleted for some reasons like mistaken deletion, virus attack, etc. If this issue happens, users will ask: how to recover deleted photos from SD card Android?

In theory, as long as the lost or deleted photos are not overwritten by new data, users can use a piece of reliable and professional photo recovery software to get them back. MiniTool Photo Recovery is such a piece of software that can easily recover photos from SD card free.

With the free edition of this software, users can restore up to 200MB photos. Now, press the following download button to obtain this free program.

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In the following content, we will show users a guide on how to recover deleted photos from memory card in mobile with this software.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card Free with MiniTool

After downloading and installing this software in the computer, users can follow these steps to recover deleted photos from SD card Android.

1. Remove the SD card from the mobile phone and insert it into a card reader.

2. Connect the card reader to the computer.

3. Open the software to enter the main interface.

4. Click the Start button to continue.

press Start

5. Choose the target memory card and press the Scan button to start the scanning process.

choose the target memory card to scan

Tip: If the memory card is not displayed on the interface, users can reconnect the card reader and press Refresh to make the software recognize the card.

6. After software scanning, users will see the scanned files on the software interface. On the left side of the interface, all the scanned data types are listed. Users can choose each type to view the detailed items in them and then choose the photos they want to retrieve.

choose the needed photos

7. After checking the needed items, users need to press the Save button and then select a suitable location to save these files. Remember that do not save them to the original memory card, otherwise, the deleted files might be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

Users can discover that it is very easy to recover deleted photos from SD card Android with this software.

If users want to use this software to recover more than 200MB data, they can use an advanced edition to perform lost photos recovery from memory card in mobile phone. Users can go to the MiniTool official store to select a suitable full edition for further use.