Should I get Windows 10 became the hot topic when the news came out – Windows 7 support is going to end on January 14, 2020. When the deadline came, the issue was again at the forefront. In this post, I’ll mainly focus on the benefits of Windows 10 since I think it’s good & necessary for most people to update to Windows 10.

Windows 10 has caused a stir ever since it was introduced; then, it has lost some of its attention over time. However, since Microsoft announced it will stop the support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, it's getting back to be users’ focus. Now, since the deadline has come, it becomes more urgent for Windows 7 and other users to update to Windows 10. They would as should I update to Windows 10. Here’s my answer in the following parts, mainly discussing about Windows 10 advantage.

How to Hide/Stop/Block Specific Updates on Windows 10/11?
How to Hide/Stop/Block Specific Updates on Windows 10/11?

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Tips On How To Prepare For Windows 7 End Of Life!

You are advised to go to the home page for getting useful software to protect your system & data.

Is Windows 10 Worth It

In my point of view, Windows 10 is a better choice than previous Windows versions since it has obvious improvement in many aspects, such as speed, security, convenience, and compatibility. You can read the following content to know why Windows 10 is preferred.

Useful Tips On How To Improve Windows 10 Performance
Useful Tips On How To Improve Windows 10 Performance

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For users who are asking should I get Windows 10, there are mainly 5 marvelous Windows 10 benefits.

One: Faster Speed

If you have never used a Windows system released after Windows 8, you’ll probably miss one of the best things in Windows – that is Fast startup.

How fast is the Windows 10 with this feature?

Studies have been made and even a video has been created to show that the startup process of Windows 10 on MacBook is even faster than that of macOS. MacOS has been known as the extremely fast system all those years.

Fast startup

Two: Better Browser

Microsoft has upgraded its default browser to Microsoft Edge. It is more modernized and provided with better compatibility, faster speed, and new features. One thing to demonstrate that Edge is better than Chrome is – the former has much lower requirement for battery on laptop and desktop.

New Edge Collections For The Chromium-powered Edge Browser.

Three: Improved Security

Windows 10 keeps the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 and Microsoft has made it more secure than before.

  • Any code must be signed by the hardware maker or Microsoft before it can run properly during Windows 10 startup.
  • The Secure Boot feature can be disabled in Windows 8, but you can’t set to bypass it in Windows 10.

In addition, ransomware protection and exploit/threat protection have been added by Microsoft to Windows 10.

What’s more, you can also find other security features on a Windows 10 PC: Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport, and Device Guard.

Windows Hello

Four: Dark and Lights Modes

Microsoft has added dark mode to Windows interface so users can turn the background from bright white to black easily. Besides, Microsoft integrated a light(er) mode into Windows 10 as well since Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

How to set dark mode Windows 10: open Settings app -> select Personalization -> shift to Colors from the left sidebar -> look for the Choose your default app mode section -> check Dark.

Five: Cortana & Voice Typing

You can communicate with your PC easily (without using hands) with the help of Cortana and voice typing feature.

  • Cortana: just say the words play music, or take a note to Cortana, it will do what you ask. Beside, this personal assistant can help you shut down your PC (or put it to sleep) through voice commands.
  • Voice typing: if you don’t want to type with your hands on Windows, you can press Windows Start + H buttons on the keyboard to enable voice tying feature (also known as speech recognition). You’ll just need to say the words, and it will write down what you’ve said.

Voice typing

Other advantages of Windows 10 include:

  • The start menu is replaced by a start screen with a tile-based appendage.
  • The Action Center will show you the new messages from email, applications, and even the system itself.
  • The Virtual Desktop feature has finally come to Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 has brought improvements on Xbox App, Game Bar, OneDrive, ect.

That’s why you should arrange a Windows 10 update. However, there’re also reasons to explain why you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10: OneDrive problems, compatibility issues with some devices, data loss, etc.

After reading the pros and cons of Windows 10, you can answer the question should I update to Windows 10.

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