This article written by MiniTool group analyzes the security of Nutaku on both its websites and apps. On the one hand, it collects ideas from other users; on the other hand, it experiences by itself. Finally, an unbiased conclusion is made. Also, it gives several suggestions and tips on how to keep your computer safe while being a user of Nutaku.

About Nutaku

Nutaku is an adult game platform with mainly hentai games and mature content. The company locates in Canada and it focuses on browser, downloadable, and mobile games, providing microtransactions and buyable options.

Nutaku offers a great many of more than 450 free-to-play and charged games of various genres including action-adventure, collectible card game, dating sim, massively multiplayer online game, puzzle, real-time strategy, tower defense, turn-based strategy (TBS), strategy, kinetic novels, visual novels, as well as virtual reality.

Until early 2020, Nutaku had 50 million registered users. It is particularly noted for its broad selection of translated Japanese erotic games.

Tip: Hentai is a loanword from Japanese referring to anime and manga pornography.

Is Nutaku Safe?

Nutaku is it safe? In 2020, a Reddit user posted a Nutaku secure purchase problem asking for the safety of Nutaku. Here is the post:

Is safe?
Since the last time I download a hentai game and my email stuff go hacked. I don’t trust other hentai games. So, I’m asking if Nutaku is safe.from Reddit

Replying to the question, different people have different opinions; some users say that Nutaku is safe while some others have doubts about the safety of Nutaku. Their opinions are as below.

Supported: Nutaku Is Safe

Zid96: I have been getting stuff from or on Nutaki for several years and never seen or heard of anything relating to hacked personal information from them.

1. Are Nutaku Apps Safe?

Ochako_chan: While on mobile phones, the Nutaku app is really safe and reliable. You can download and update from there; it is really easy!

2. Is Nutaku a Secure Site for My Card?

Deus_ith: I had this problem before. What I did is to create an email account exclusively to check the site out (starting with Fap ceo) and never ever had a problem. I even ventured to download the desktop client and later to buy some Nutaku coins with my CC. Zero problems until now, so Nutaku transactions secure.

3. Nutaku Games Safe

Kazamiyujji: I’ve been playing Nutaku games for quite a while now and I haven’t yet encountered a single problem. Sometimes, there may be a problem with a game bit loading or whatever, but as far as getting a virus or anything of the sorts, it isn’t got happen with Nutaku.

4. How Secure Is Nutaku?

Nutakulewd: Nutaku is 100% safe.

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Opposing: Nutaku Isn’t That Safe

Ashman110: I had had with Nutaku is getting paying for gold he never got. I made one payment without record and never got what I paid for. Even though that happens only once, it was the biggest transaction I have made and I lost $40.

Shahnoor_123: No, Nutaku is not safe for little kids.

Narmaya_is_bae: Nutaku is totally not safe whatsoever everyone downloads their games for Viruses. Everyone loves getting them and viruses get our pps hard.

Is Nutaku a Safe Website?

There is a safe web report from NortonLifeLock, formerly known as Symantec, for’s safety and security problems. Within the report, Nutaku’s community rating is 3.7 out of 5, probably safe.

Though there are only three user reviews within the report, two of them turn out to be negative. One comment says that “emails direct you to explicit website – spam” while the other claims that “I don’t play pornographic games because they not godly for us”.

Therefore, in general, Nutaku is not completely safe.

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Is Safe?

There is also a review page about Nutaku on The score on this rating page is higher than that on, 4.1 out of 5. Also, there are more user reviews there with most of them give a negative comment on Nutaku. The following are some examples.

“Waste of time, games aren’t saved and customer service is like talking to a wall.”

“Nutaku is an adult gaming platform (+18). Safe, but pay attention to third-party content and linking.”


“Many hentai/porn games virtually free to play but made to bait the player to pay money for items that allow to play more and store more game items. It can be really frustrating if not impossible to continue play some of those games without buying something.”

So, generally, Nutaku isn’t overall secure.

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How to Keep Safe While Using Nutaku?

Since Nutaku is not completely safe neither for purchase nor from viruses, malware, adware, spams, scams, phishing, etc., it is of great necessity to pay more attention while using Nutaku, if you insist to use it. Then, what to do to prevent yourself been influenced by negative effects of Nutaku?

#1 Never Step into Nutaku If You Are Under 18

Since Nutaku is a platform that holds adult games and contents, you are not allowed to get into its world, play its porn games, or view its any content. Yet, there seems to be no serious actions been taken to stop teenagers or children from Nutaku websites or apps.

Nutaku Age Verification

Below is my own experience of using Nutaku:

When I go to its official site, only a window pop-up warning about the age-restricted content and ask for me to verify my age. I simply get access to its all contents just by clicking ENTER NOW (I am over 18 years old) without the further age verification like details about my birthday and birth year, though those details input by users can be fake.

By clicking on the “Enter” button, and by entering this website you agree with all the above and certify under penalty of perjury that you are an adult.From Nutaku’s Terms and Conditions

Also, once I confirmed my age, the next time when I try to get into Nutaku’s official website with the same web browser, I don’t have to verify again. Moreover, if I copy any web address (not the home page) and paste it into another web browser that I never used to open any Nutaku page, I can directly open the page without any verification.

Moreover, I try to open the Nutaku home page on another new web browser and verify my age as under 18. I am redirected to instead of Though the site is different, there is still adult content as I have seen.

Therefore, if you are under 18 or aren’t willing to be exposed to adult content, never open Nutaku-related websites!

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#2 Use Unimportant Email on Nutaku

Just like a user said, if you are worried about being spammed or hacked after registering to Nutaku or downloading from Nutaku, just make use of a throw-away email and password for Nutaku and isolate your activities on Nutaku from your normal tasks.

#3 Don’t Open Unexpected Attachments from Strangers

If you register Nutaku with a separate email that you only used for Nutaku related business or rarely used for other things, and you receive a letter from someone you don’t know (maybe he claims that he gets your email address on Nutaku and wants to share you with some sources of Nutaku kind), you should think twice before opening this email for it may contain malicious items. Especially, you are not recommended to open the files attached to the unexpected emails.

#4 Be Cautious to Ads and Links on Nutaku

Due to the essence of the Nutaku website (lure customers by sexual contents), there are full of other attractions of scams and phishing links. If you do not bear this in your mind and click any link just like within normal safe websites, you may get your computer hacked and further your data lost. So, always be serious when you want to click some link or content on Nutaku, especially the content/link that are not posted by Nutaku official.

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#5 Keep Sane When Nutaku Tends to Bait You to Buy Forever

Besides the malicious links and contents posted on Nutaku by third parties, Nutaku itself will try to allure you to buy advanced features in its free games, pay for its charged games for more stimulations, as well as keep you spending money with all kinds of baits.

If you don’t keep sane while facing with the tempting words, pictures, videos, or audios, you will finally find yourself put so much of your money on Nutaku.

#6 Secure Your Computer with Antivirus and Firewall

Since there is a chance that you get your PC infected with viruses or malware by surfing on Nutaku, you are recommended to rely on antivirus software together with firewall to protect your machine. You’d better turn on the real-time monitor feature of the security programs you used, especially when you are downloading something from Nutaku or playing online games on Nutaku.

Also, regularly scan your computer for viruses, trojans, spyware, and so on. Once detected, remove them with your security tools.

#7 Protect Your Data with Backups

Finally, it is smart of you to create a backup of the crucial files on your computer, better with multiple backups and saved to different safe places. Then, you will need the help of a professional and reliable program such as MiniTool ShadowMaker, which can assist you to back up your important files/folders, operating systems, partitions/volumes, hard drives, etc.

MiniTool ShadowMaker TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

  1. Download and install MiniTool ShadowMaker on your computer.
  2. Open the application and click Keep Trial to continue.
  3. In its main interface, click Backup.
  4. On the backup screen, click the Source module on the left to select which files you’d like to back up.
  5. Then, click the Destination module on the right to choose a target location to store the backup image.
  6. Preview the backup task and click the Back up Now button to confirm.

MiniTool ShadowMaker File Backup

Wait until the process finishes. If you plan to make several backups of those files, just repeat the above steps. If you prefer to back up those files regularly, you are able to achieve that by setting up a schedule backup.

Finally, you have your machine well-protected and now you may take a rest. If you have something to say about this article or some idea to share with others, you can leave a comment below. Or, if you come across a problem while using MiniTool ShadowMaker, just contact its support team at [email protected].

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